Binham Blue - Norfolk Cheese

Binham Blue

Probably one of the most famous of our beloved Norfolk Cheeses is Binham Blue. Made on the Copys Green Farm in North Norfolk by Mrs Temple (is there really a Mrs Temple?! We don't know!) using the milk of their Brown Swiss Cows. Them cows make great milk, full of the right stuff (Kappa-Casein) to make perfect cheese. This delicious blue cheese is not only popular according to our customers it's delicious according to the professionals of the cheese

​world; it won medals in the British Cheese Awards in 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2016. That's a lot of awards for a cheese and we're especially proud because it's a Norfolk Cheese. 

It's got a lovely gnarly rind and a creamy flesh shot through with blue - it tastes like it looks; creamy and tangy. A blue-cheese-lover's dream. It's characterful appearance, delicious flavour and luxurious texture mean that we are often asked to include it in our cheese wedding cakes, especially if the happy couple are wanting a Norfolk themed cheese tower.

Norfolk Cheeses

Norfolk has a rich heritage of cheese making!