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Cheese Wedding Cakes. Are they a Thing?

Enough cheese to feed 100 cheese-loving wedding guests
Our First Cheese Wedding Cake!

Well, they are now! We would love to claim that they were our invention, but it would be a porky. We didn't know they existed until one of our lovely customers came into the shop and said "I'm getting married! Will you make us a cake?!" I looked at The Cheese Lady and The Cheese Lady looked back at me and it was all I could do to resist saying...."Er, you're in a cheese shop, you silly........." but luckily The Cheese Lady cut me off at the pass and said "Certainly! There's nothing we'd like better!" not knowing what our customer was talking about but at least having the wit not to let on. Pretty quickly though our new-favourite-customer had made it clear that what she wanted was a full wheel of Brie de Meaux, a full Black Bomber, a smoked Brie, a Binham Blue, a little Camembert all stacked up, decorated with some flowers (not too many!) and topped off with one of those waxed cheddar hearts that we were selling on Valentines Day. The penny dropped and our first Cheese Wedding Cake was born. We got the cheese, we bought a little table and some flowers and delivered discretely into the venue in time for the 'evening do', built it and decorated it. One chuffed customer.

A bit of Googling-around proved that we were (not for the first time) somewhat out of touch with trend. They had actually been A Thing for some time. It would appear that, along with the trend towards DIY Weddings, Barn Weddings, Rustic Weddings and generally weddings that don't necessarily follow tradition (yey!) discerning folks had been having a pile of cheese (aka a cheese wedding cake) as a centre piece for some time now. Wow! Great! People love cheese even more than we thought they did!

This baby will feed 80 to 100 cheese loving wedding party guests
A cheese wedding cake

So, says I to The Cheese Lady, is it too late? Are we behind the curve? Was our first cheese wedding cake an anomaly, a one off, never-to-be-repeated cheese fest? Is everyone else already onto it, or maybe even over it? Have the big boys already cornered the market?

Well, I guess it's still too early to say, but twenty-odd celebration cheese towers later, delivered into venues all over Norfolk, assembled and decorated according to the theme of the celebration (most often floral, but sometimes dripping with fruit) would suggest that these lovely centre-pieces are here to stay - at least for a while longer,

We've got a page here on the website to help you design the perfect cheese cake, but the best way to do it is to pop into the shop, have a chat with The Cheese Lady and enjoy a cheese tasting session, discuss your requirements (when do you want it? How many people do you want to cater for? Which kinds of cheese do you want to include? etc etc) and have a bit of fun with your taste-buds! That's what we love more than anything - the getting-to-know-you bit, and quite often the you-getting-to-know-cheese bit. Then we like the bit where we get the email that say's how much everyone enjoyed the cheese as a centre-piece and the cheese just because it was delicious!

What we'll never know though is........how do they get eaten? We're never there! Do they get dismantled and spread out? Or do people attempt to slice them up in-situ? We've seen 'after' photo's which suggest they's been attacked with a chain saw!

How did you eat your cheese wedding cake?

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