Cheese 'Cakes'......

Or Cheese 'towers'.....

Or Cheese Wedding Cakes....

Or Celebration Cheese Cakes....

Call them what you will!

They've become very popular indeed over the last few years, and why not! They look great and make a great addition to (or sometimes an alternative to) the traditional sweet wedding cake. Some people at, say, a wedding, would rather have some quality cheeses either at the end of the wedding breakfast (including us, as it happens) or later on in the evening than a piece of cake. And let's be honest - they look spectacular!

Weddings aren't the only reason to enjoy a beautiful Celebration Cheese Cake, of course. Many people have them at significant anniversaries, retirement parties or a birthday. There are all sorts of reasons to have a celebration cheese cake, but whatever yours is, Lemon Tree Fine Foods can help you; we are the leading supplier of cheese cakes for weddings and other celebrations in Norfolk and Norwich. 

Sometimes we supply just the cheese 'wheels' because the customer wants to assemble the tower in their own time, often though we deliver it and assemble it exactly when you want it. Sometimes we use our own decorations, often the florist, if there is one, provides the flowers or even decorates the cake. Often we provide all of the crackers, chutneys and other delicious treats that go with cheese (beautifully arranged, of course!) and on other occasions the customer prefers just to have the cheese. It's your celebration, it's your celebration cheese cake, and we are here to make sure it's done exactly the way you want it.

When it comes to choosing the cheeses, naturally we want to provide you with the best choices for your gathering. Very often our customers come into the shop for a tasting experience prior to deciding which cheeses to include, and of course we will advise regarding how much cheese is required, the different sizes of wheels that will be needed and how to assemble them, if you don't want us to do that for you. Or it can be done entirely by email or phone - we will still make sure you get a truly spectacular and delicious centre-piece for your celebration.

"How much do they cost?" I hear you cry!

Well, that's actually quite easy. For a budget price simply take the number of people at your dinner and assume that approximately 20% of your friends won't eat cheese (yes, those people are out there!), and then take it that the remainder will want about 100g of cheese altogether.

So, if you've got 100 people at your gathering you can assume that you'll need a Celebration Cheese Cake that weighs about 8KG. That'll be plenty.

Next, even though high quality cheese does vary in price, it's likely to average out at about £2.50 per 100g, that's £25 per KG

So now we know! A gathering of 100 people would be amply served with a variety of different cheeses built into a beautiful cheese cake for about £200.

To do it another way.....multiply the number of people that might eat cheese (ie not all of them!) by £2.50.

If you'd like to see a price list without doing any pesky sums just click here!



Cheese Wedding Cake with Flowers and Ivy
Cheese Wedding Cake with Blush Flowers
Cheese Wedding Cake with Cheddar Heart
Cheese Wedding Cake with Ivy
Cheese Wedding Cake with White Roses
Cheese wedding Cake with grapes
Cheese Wedding Cake on a silver base

"We had an amazing cheese wedding cake for our wedding. If you order from Lemon tree you will definitely not be disappointed"


We don't charge for delivery if you are within about 10 or 15 miles of our shop, and often we can turn up at just the right time to assemble the Cheese Celebration Cake at your venue just as you want it. Just ask, and we'll do our very best to make it appear, as if by magic.

Give us a call, drop us an email, or even visit us to discuss your dinner gathering. There's absolutely no obligation. What's the worst that can happen? You'll probably just try some new delicious cheeses!

"I'd like to thank you and Marta for your absolutely perfect service. We could not fault you one bit. From choosing the cheese to its delivery yesterday. And what an impressive display of cheese too! It really was even better than we imagined, the decoration was lovely...I was a bit upset when they took it apart to cut it up"