About Us

It's not about us, it's about cheese!

Marta, the driving force behind LemonTree, is a serious food lover!  

Such is her passion for food, and cheese in particular, and her desire to bring a great cheese tasting experience to others, that she decided to start "Lemon Tree Fine Foods - The Little Cheese Emporium" - with her husband Warren. 

We understand that you have options when it comes to buying cheese, you could go to the supermarket if you want (heaven forbid!) but once you step foot into our shop we treat you like family, and you are guaranteed customer service that you simply wont find elsewhere, as well as top quality cheeses (and all the lovely things that go with it!)

You can visit the shop in Moulton st Mary Nurseries and try any (or many!) of the 30 or 40 cheeses normally in the counter without any obligation - it's what we're about. We just want you to enjoy your visit.

If you do decide to buy you will be expertly guided towards cheeses that will bring you pleasure when you open them at home (perhaps with your favourite tipple!) and you will be given your carefully selected cheeses individually wrapped and tasting notes will be provided.

If it's a gift you might choose to take a selection of cheeses (and maybe add some artisan crackers and chutney) which Marta with then make into a beautiful hamper for you. You can even have it delivered if you want, for free if you're not too far away from the shop!

Come by to experience the Lemon Tree Fine Foods goodness for yourself.

Opening Hours

Monday - 10am till 4pm

Tuesday - 10am till 4pm

Wednesday - 10am till 4pm

Thursday - 10am till 4pm

Friday - 10am till 4pm

Saturday - 9.30am till 4pm

How do you like Your Cheese?

We'd love you to come into the shop! That's our absolute favourite! But maybe you're not looking to just buy some cheese for your supper....maybe you're looking for a Celebration Cheese 'Cake' for a special occasion? A Wedding Cheese Cake, perhaps? Or an important anniversary? Cheese Cakes (or cheese towers, if you prefer!) are all the rage, you know! They look stunning on the table, and ours are made of the very finest cheeses (of course!) Click on the Cheese Cake image to the right to see more.....

Cheese Wedding Cake